Umwelt – the concept, formulated in 1909 by the biologist and philosopher Jakob von Uexküll, in an attempt to explain…

Process Art

Process art is a movement that began in the US and Europe in the mid-1960s. It came from in Performance…

Francis Alÿs

Alys’s works engaging the moving body–his walks, sweeps, drives, and flights–are his most arresting because they exhaust themselves in the making.

The Politics of Performance

Peggy Phelan was the first in the U.S. to insist on the anti-capitalist orientation of performance art. In her somewhat paradoxical…


Cross-currents between images and objects created turbulence in which figures circulated in space; falling or rising in an indeterminate relationship between elements.


Through live performance and video installation works, the duo interrogate an array of characters to reflect on their personal and inter-subjective experiences often delving into the tensions between performativity and reality.